10 Best Places in Canada You MUST Visit

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As the second-largest country globally, it only makes sense that Canada is one of the top tourist destinations. The country has a heart bigger than its size with countless excellent sites to visit and explore – coasts, mountains, cosmopolitan streets, valleys, and landscapes.

The cosmic size of the country makes deciding on vacation getaways a little challenging. As it is jam-packed with breathtaking places to visit and tour, backpackers might find themselves in need to pack the country’s premium sightseeing sites into a few weeks of vacation. 

That is why we have come up with the 10 best places in Canada with their subsequent dos and don’ts that you can explore. 

You can consider the following locations as must-visit so that you can enjoy the essence of the magical country within your limited time and budget. 

Now the question is what do you need to prepare before visiting Canada? All travelers must have a visa to cross the Canadian border.

Visiting Canada is possible in two ways – the embassy visas and the eTA, an abbreviation of Electronic Travel Authorization. Most countries can obtain an eTA to enter Canada without waiting for the visa to be processed. 

Canada Visa Application can now be made entirely online using electronic visa services.

So before we discuss the top destinations to visit in Canada, let’s get into the details of getting your eTA permit.

Make traveling to Canada easier with eTA

Electronic Traveling Authorization (eTA) to Canada is a pre-screening system for travelers who qualify to be exempted from the time-consuming process of obtaining a traditional visa

Once you have your eTA with you, you can travel to and from Canada as many times as you want within the 5-year old validity period. The length of each stay in Canada with eTA can be as long as 6 months. That is a perfect amount of time to tour the soul-stirring country of Canada.

Obtaining an eTA is more straightforward and cheaper than getting a traditional visa. eTA to Canada arrives at the applicant’s e-mail address in a PDF form usually within a couple of hours!

Apply from home or any other place using your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet with an internet connection. Pay the 49 Euro visa fee and enjoy the 5-year multiple-entry visa to Canada.

Must-see places in Canada for your next trip

Niagara Falls 

Nothing can beat the Niagara Falls of Canada, which are the favorite of many people worldwide. And if you visit the place from June till August, it will leave you spellbound for the rest of your trip. The city is built along the cascading waterfalls with such scenic and magical views that they’ll turn your heart over. 

Besides the mesmerizing waterfalls that give the city its name, you can visit their casino resorts and spend some time at the MarineLand amusement park for excellent entertainment. 

Quebec City

Quebec City is the oldest walled city in North America and one of Canada’s popularly-visited places due to its rustic beauty and traditions. Several historical gems that resonate with French traditions, romance, and magic are available for tourists to explore.

Thus, if you plan to tour Canada with your partner, Quebec City, situated high on a 100-meter cliff with its sweet magic, is a must-visit. 

Ideally, you should explore it during Fall or Winter, but tourists who cannot wait so long, start flocking to the city from June. There are tons of destinations within the town but note down the Citadel and Battlefields Park on your checklist. 

At the end of the beautiful city tour, a walk at the Terrasse Dufferin is an excellent way to end the day on a high and refreshing note.

Check thi


A small town in Canada, Whistler is a town North of Vancouver with the country’s largest ski resort. If you want to experience the best winters of your life, this is a must-visit as you can go:

  • skiing, 
  • snowshoeing,
  • tobogganing, and much more. 

Diners such as 21 Steps and Alta Bistro are famous for serving exquisite food, while travelers often get lost sightseeing its vibrant culture and riveting art museums.   


The home to beach lovers, Tofino, another small district on the Vancouver Island, and a coastal paradise in Canada. The Tofino beach is so mesmerizing that whether you are a water lover or not, you would be dragged to the exotic coastline with deep blue seawater and seafoam. 

Ideally, Tofino is the perfect haven for people seeking comfort and peace after a long day out in the town. There are plenty of recreational activities in the city as you dip into its famous beaches. They sell the yummiest fish tacos, which you can devour after a sleepy sunbathing day at the Long Beach. 

Since beaches are a year-round luxury, the best time to visit Tofino is from March to May or September to November. 


Fancy watching polar bears from a close-up? Head over to the Churchill town situated on the Hudson Bay, Canada. 

These polar bears are Canada’s most sought-after attraction. The polar bears have migrated from land onto the ice land and provided the backpackers with wildlife’s rarest views. 

It isn’t always that you get to meet a polar bear in real life. But when you do, it’s likely going to be in the Canada’s Churchill in Northern Manitoba. The community opens up for travelers every fall.

The best time to visit the place is from October to November

Other best things to do besides clicking snaps of and with polar bears in Churchill include snorkeling with Beluga whales and exploring the Fort Prince of Wales

Algonquin Provincial Park 

Speaking of wildlife, consider dedicating a day to visiting the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. It’s full of heartwarming lake views, lush green forests, and enchanting rivers. 

The high-end urban lifestyle and Algonquin Provincial Park are top-picks of backpackers looking for some adventure. You should try them out. 

Additionally, you can go:

  • camping, 
  • canoeing,
  •  and fishing.

Make sure you do not leave the camera behind. Travelers can find some unbelievable scenic views of wildlife worth capturing.

Jasper National Park

It only makes sense to mention another national park of Canada, which is always ripe for exploration. 

Located in Alberta, the park has everything imaginable going for – glaciers, kaleidoscopic views at every turn of the head, springs, waterfalls, and 53 species of animals that call the park their home. 

There is a myriad of activities to do around the Jasper National Park, from water sports to land adventure, and of course, the wildlife photo shoot. Besides the innumerous panoramas of this place, Jasper’s town is open for excursions for travelers to camp in after an exhilarating trip to the wonders of nature. 

Adventure-loving travelers find this park positively toe-curling. The best time to visit Jasper National Park of Alberta is from March through May and September to November

Okanagan Valley 

Countries that make their wines are more appealing to tourists as compared to the ones that don’t. In Canada’s case, it isn’t surprising to know that there are almost 800 wineries with the top few picks in the Okanagan valley.

Stepping into the regions of this valley is like walking into heaven. There are massive wineries and fruit orchards for you to devour in vision and with taste. 

There is a long, unending list of heartwarming sights in Canada, but Okanagan valley makes our list for its fantastic supply of wines that you must taste should you travel to Canada. Feel free to tour this location year-round; however the best time to visit is from June to September.

CN Tower

Moving back to the urban luxuries, CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, is a hotspot for travelers that you cannot miss. The cosmopolitan city is so big that you’ll have to search up for another term to describe its enormous size. 

CN Tower is a beautifully breathtaking spot touching the Toronto skyline where you can enjoy the city’s buzzing views

With plenty of amenities to indulge in, make sure you dine in at the award-winning 360 Restaurant when you’re there for the day. 

CN Tower and the city of Toronto are another top-pick of Canada’s travelers, and for good reasons. Visit the town whenever you can – make sure you do not miss it! 

Check this Toronto weekend itinerary

 Cheakamus Lake 

We are concluding our list with a place where you can go hiking for the best hike of your life. Cheakamus Lake is famous amongst travelers looking for a hilly adventure as they trek up to the beautiful mountains for stunning views and picnicking. 

It’s located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, which is also towards the Whistler town. 

Ideally, you must plan on hiking in July and August.

Final words

We hope you won’t just limit yourself to reading this article and make your own plan of visiting these places. A trip to Canada is every traveler’s dream

Be it the Rocky Mountains, cities of Vancouver, or Calgary in the Western Canada, to meeting polar bears in the Northern side where great rivers flow, Canada can satiate wanderlust to a far extent.
Don’t forget to apply for your eTA for Canada on time, or else you will miss out on all these attractive and breathtaking locations!

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