Top 10 Fun Things to do in Vancouver Over a Weekend

Vancouver skyscrapers in the evening, Canada sights

Canada is a North American country considered as a hub of tourism worldwide. Millions of tourists visit Canada to enjoy its various attractions. Canada owns one of the biggest domestic and foreign industries in the world and has been enriched in geographical varieties, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. 

Niagara Falls is one of the most significant tourist attractions famous not only in Canada but also worldwide. According to an estimate made in 2012, over 16 million tourists travel to Canada every year

The Canadian government generates over $18 billion of income from tourism only. 60% of the tourism industry of Canada is based in Vancouver City. Vancouver City is rich in tourist attractions. It is one of Canada’s most vibrant cities due to its official gateway to the Pacific Rim status and one of the most significant ports.

According to the official reports, over 10.3 million tourists visit Vancouver every year, from which Vancouver generates $5 billion annually. Vancouver is rich in gardens, parks, and natural forests. Vancouver owns almost 180 city parks in the world, which is a world record. 

For this reason, Vancouver is considered the economic center of Canada. We are enlisting some world-famous tourist attractions in Vancouver to help you choose what to visit while on your trip to Canada.

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If you are planning to travel to Vancouver, your eTA (e visa Canada) is compulsory for this purpose because you can’t get entry into Canada without your e-Visa. 

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Remember, your eTA to Canada is valid for five years and allows numerous visits to this beautiful country.

Note: Your eTA to Canada is a must for traveling to Vancouver or other cities of Canada. 

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Vancouver

If you have your eTA to Canada, then don’t waste your time and start packing today. We have summarized a list of the Top 10 Fun Things which you should try while in Vancouver.

Whale Watching

Watching whales in Canada, Vancouver activities

Vancouver’s coastline waters are known as the Salish Sea. According to an estimate, the Salish Sea is the home of thousands of beautiful whales. For this reason, Whale Watching is one of the best fun things to do in Vancouver. 

You will see humpback, gray whales with smaller minke whales, and orcas in the Salish Sea. The best season of Whale Watching is from March to October. You can get an aerial view of these whales by renting a floatplane or zodiac boats. Westin Hotel is another best option for you to see whales. The hotel is located in downtown Vancouver.


Richmond is the second largest Chinatown located in the South region of Vancouver. You will see hundreds of Chinese shops here. Richmond is well-known throughout the world for its food variety.

Sightseeing attractions is another important property of Richmond. You will see Buddhist Temple and the Steveston village here. One of the biggest Asian malls is also near Richmond, where you can find any types of Asian goods

Science World

Science World is a sphere-like building located in the center of Vancouver. Science World is best known for its child-friendly exploration nature

Different kinds of themes are present in the Science World with attractions for children explaining the forces, such as water, air, motion, or the greatest inventions.

You will see a delightful show on the five-story-high OMNIMAX screen here. It is also the world’s largest domed screen.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is more likely a theme or a decoration park located in Vancouver, Canada. You will see a little mountain at the center of this park, which is also the highest point in Vancouver. 

Fun things to do in this park include:

  • pitch-and-putt golf
  • disc golf
  • and tennis

You can also visit the extensive outdoor Arboretum. This Park has featured a fabulous restaurant named “Seasons.” Here, you can have your lunch while traveling in the park mid-morning and enjoying fantastic views of downtown Vancouver.

Museum of Vancouver

Vancouver Museum is located in the Vanier Park near the Burrard Bridge. This museum has now got the status of an institution. It is a perfect exhibition of Vancouver’s history, from the first Coast Salish community to Japan town. 

From a few steps away in this museum’s central spot, you will find the HR MacMillan Space Centre. This space center has one of the biggest planetariums in Canada. If you to see a different exhibition of waterfronts, the Maritime Museum is the best site for you.

The Robson Street

As we have discussed earlier, Vancouver is best known for its shopping sites. Robson Street is worldwide famous for shopping. Apart from the international brands, you will find many Vancouver innovative products here.

Burrard and Jarvis Streets is the central hub of the Robson Street. These streets are spread over three blocks. Here you can find 150 plus stores and restaurantsThe Vancouver Art Gallery is the premier art institution in Vancouver. Here you can find magnificent collections of paintings by painter Emily Carr (1871-1945). 

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Walking in the forest path of Vancouver

Tourists find it very thrilling to go on this swaying bridge over a plummeting canyon. You will find a collection of totem poles with a transparent suspended platform. This transparent suspended platform is known as the Cliffwalk.

If you are present in Vancouver and want to travel to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, you will get a free shuttle ride. Capilano Salmon Hatchery is another worth visiting tourist attraction located with the Capilano Suspension Bridge. You will see beautiful flashing salmon as they swim upstream.

Grouse Mountain

Grouse mountain near Vancouver, fun things to do

Grouse Mountain is famous throughout the world for its unmatched panorama in clean weather while traveling both in Summer and Winter. The Mountain becomes more beautiful in the evening when its lights are on. 

The Grouse Mountain is just like a wonderland with snow flies. You can enjoy:

  • outdoor skating, 
  • snowshoeing, 
  • skiing, 
  • and snowboarding.

Grouse Mountain is the best place for a family fun outing, and you will enjoy it here. Grouse Mountain is also known as the hiker’s paradise due to its beautiful trails, including the world-famous Grouse Grind.

Granville Island

Granville Island is now a thriving center of activities, particularly from an industrial perspective. It is the perfect place for business due to its relaxed and clean atmosphere. Several artists and business people travel to Granville Island every year and stay in houseboats, galleries, and restaurants located alongside this island. 

You will find a public market here, one of the most popular tourist attractions to buy some fruits and vegetables. You will find fabulous seafood here with a great variety and specialty. All the items that are served here are ready to eat manner. Apart from a beautiful island, this places serves also as an art center strongly related to the residential areas here.

Stanley Park

Stanley park in Vancouver, things to do in a weekend

Stanley Park is one of the best natural beauties in the world. It is a lush peninsula including giant trees adjusting to Downtown Vancouver. It is a perfects site if you want to enjoy the natural environment.

You will find a paved seawall path here which encircles the green part of the Stanley Park. You can explore all the Stanley Park on foot or by bicycle and see a spectacular pool spread over 80-meters in the Summer. This pool is a family spot as well as a beautiful picnic site.

Final words

Vancouver is the city of Canada rich in tourist attractions, including parks, Chinatowns, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. We have summarized a list of the Top 10 Fun Things you can do while traveling to Vancouver. 

Visit these places while on your trip to Canada or create your own list of must-visit places! Remember about the obligatory e-Visa to Canada to enjoy all these tourist attractions in Vancouver. Without your eTA to Canada, you can’t get an entry to Canada and travel to Vancouver. 

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