Preparing to Study Abroad: 3 Things You Need to Do Before

Being a Belarusian who studied in Poland, took part in a student exchange in Spain (twice) and in France, I know a lot about studying abroad. Together with Emily, we decided to make a list of tips, things to know and do before taking part in a study abroad program to use and enjoy it the most.

Studying abroad is a big decision to make, but it is also one of the most exciting decisions you can make in life. You are basically deciding to venture further into the world, enter an entirely new environment, and try a lot of new things along the way.

As studying abroad has its challenges, preparing for the experience better will help make transitioning to life as a student in a new city easier to handle. Don’t worry because we have the best tips and tricks on what to do before you go in this article.

Confirm Your Accommodation

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to wait until you arrive at the destination city before searching for accommodation. You can search for options online, review the amenities and facilities from the comfort of your home, and decide the right accommodation to secure even before departing.

Even better, popular cities for students usually have more accommodation options to choose from. In cities like Madrid or Valencia, for example, you can find different types of student accommodation. They come with different room types, amenities, and services too.

If you are looking for the best all-inclusive student accommodation Valencia has to offer, Collegiate is a provider to look into. If you take a look at this website, you can find properties for students in several cities, including Valencia. You get all-inclusive Collegiate experience, and you can confirm your room before departing.

Get Your Documents Organized

Documents needed for a study abroad program

Preparing the required paperwork for your move can be daunting, but it is a set of steps that you have to take correctly to have a seamless transition, starting with your passport, student visa, and other travel documents. You also want to confirm your health insurance for maximum protection.

Next, notify your bank about your plans to move to a new city and study there. This will prevent the bank from blocking your transactions after the move – yes, seeing transactions from a completely new city will trigger the bank’s fraud detection system.

Lastly, work with the university you will be attending to know other documents you need to prepare before departing. You may need proof of accommodation, copies of your admission letter, and other documents to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

Start Packing

Traveler on a backpack during sunset, best experience visiting a new place

You can’t expect to bring everything with you as you move to your student accommodation. At least, you’ll have to limit the number of bags you bring with you on your first trip to the city. Smart packing is required to make sure you have all the essentials from day one.

Always start with clothes and gadgets that you absolutely need. Make a list of items that you need to bring with you, and then use the list as a guide when packing your stuff. Don’t forget to check the airline’s policy for excess baggage, just to be on the safe side.

Packing should be easier once you have these details nailed. With the accommodation confirmed and all of your documents ready, the process of moving to a new city to continue your education will be nowhere near as complicated as you fear. Use the services of moving companies like to bring your stuff to the place where you intend to study.

Check my summer vacation packing list which will also be useful for studying abroad in warm countries.

These were the three main steps before starting your study abroad program. Once you have them checked, you can enjoy your stay in a different country.

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