20 Things You Need to Pack For Summer Vacation This Year

Summer vacations beach packing list, flip flops to take with you on a beach vacation
Summer vacations beach packing list, flip flops to take with you on a beach vacation

Whether on your own, with family or beloved ones, there is no better season to go vacationing than summer.

Summer vacations can help make memories worth to remember a lifetime; however, that is, if vacationing is done right.

Regardless of whether you may be traveling abroad, to a completely different continent or even a different city, packing the required essentials is what makes or breaks a rather joyous trip.

Summer season ranging from between June till August is peak season, where prices for all commodities raise due to relatively higher tourism rates around the world.

So, imagine the disappointment when you have to pay triple the price for an accessory during a vacation which you could have quickly brought along while packing from home.

In case you do not wish to pay ridiculously inflated prices for things from foreign soil which you already own at home, then keep on reading!

This post is specifically dedicated to discussing all the things not to miss when packing for your summer vacation to ensure a great vacationing experience no matter where you go.

The post includes affiliate links to the best products and best websites to buy them cheaper at no additional cost for using the links. I only want to help you pack for your vacations better!

Phone Charger

Phone charger, one of the first things to bring with you on a vacation

In today’s time, there is nothing of more importance than our cellphones; whether you are an android follower or a dedicated Apple user, our cellphones have our entire lives saved within them.

Emergency contacts? We turn to our cell phones.

Want to post the newest of pictures from the vacation? We turn to our on-the-go camera within our cellphones. And the best, you have connected your phone with the world’s most powerful pocket-sized projector and is enjoying the Netflix night, you would need a charger to fill out the battery of the phone.

Want to stay updated with social media platforms? We turn to our applications downloaded within our phone for the latest of check-ins.

The hustle of misplacing or even in the first place forgetting the phone charger can create a distressing situation; therefore, must be the first thing packed into the luggage. If aside from your cell phone, you are just as connected to the world via your laptop or your tablet, then ensuring all digital accessories affiliated with them are packed is also of much importance.

Although rip-off copies of chargers may readily be available in some countries, however, their lack of reliability regarding the electrical output can do more harm to the battery life of your laptop, phone or tablet than good.

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windproof umbrella perfect to bring with you for a trip

It doesn’t matter if the forecast says it’s going to stay dry all week, the summer season almost always has the monsoon season mixed within. It means that sudden showers can anytime be expected especially in cases where the vacation destination is near or surrounding the tropical areas.

An umbrella helps with staying dry, and if you are worried about wind blowing rain and making you wet, then the newest of Umbrella upgrade, which covers a vast majority of your body length is what you need to stop your dressing from being spoiled from the rain.

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Medical Prescription, Insurance, and First Aid Kit

Medical prescription you need to take for summer vacations

Whether you may suffer from a minor case of Asthma, Eczema, Sinus or more severe conditions like sleeplessness, always packing your medical prescriptions for vacations is a plus point.

Stepping into land with is otherwise foreign or relatively unknown to you can bring about an array of medical issues if you suffer from allergies or related conditions and are not fully prepped with the adequate medication.

Also, don’t forget about travel insurance for your trip!

The absence of approved prescription will also result in long sessions with medical practitioners at the place of vacation and big medical bills. Inconvenience caused, which could have otherwise been avoided by simple packing core medical essentials depending upon the history of medical conditions.  

Alongside medical prescriptions, it is also best advised to take along a medical aid kit which can significantly come in handy in case of any unfortunate event such as a fall resulting in a rash, etc.

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Round sunglasses laying on the ground, packing for Spain

Regardless of whether you are vacationing abroad or even within another city when the summers are involved; sunglasses, in particular, become a thing you definitely need to take with you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping; roaming out on the streets, going on a hiking trip or going sightseeing during the day time, there is nothing more annoying than having to squint due to the harsh sun-rays hitting the eyes when pictures are taken.

If you do not wish to spend a half a fortune over purchasing quality sunglasses at the desired vacation destination, then I strongly recommend keeping your sunglasses carefully placed within a protective cover and insight your hand-carry at all times during a vacation in the summers.

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Sunblock or Sunscreen

Lady putting a sunscreen on her sholder on the beach

While still staying on the topic of the harsh UV rays emitted via the sun, another core essential to be packed when going on a summer vacation is a sunblock.

Sunblock not only helps with avoiding the process of tanning but also creates a protective layer between the harmful UV rays of the sun and your skin to prevent any permanent damage

Sunblock can be found available in varying levels of protection, initiating from merely 10Spf which can also now be found in many BB creams while the level of SPF can rise till a sheer 150.

Depending upon the strength of the sun rays, the closer you are to the equator, a higher level of sunblock SPF will be required for effective protection from harmful sun rays.

Therefore, if you do not wish to return home with a tan, along with a severe case of sunburn, then sunblock is essential all vacationers must have in their bags during summer.

You can learn more about choosing the right one here.

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Also, check my Spain Packing List if you’re going to a warm country like Spain.

Reliable Backpack

Reliable backpack you need to take for a summer trip

A backpack that will deliver utmost reliability, even following prolonged usage even after being filled to maximum capacity is of vital importance in keeping your belongings such as your travel documents, and other accessories safe, and in close proximity to yourself.

During summer holidays, the element of water or coming in contact with water is inevitable if not at the beach or the lake, the pool parties, and summer parties always involve some form of sport which consists in getting wet.

To avoid your belongings such as your cellphone or other gadgets from getting wet, waterproof backpacks should be purchased well before the packing begins. If; however, you are unaware of where to buy your fully waterproof; yet, reliable backpack from, then check this link.

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Filter Water Bottle

Water bottles with filters to carry with you in Spain

Most often, if you find yourself vacationing in third world countries, tap water is not considered as a form of drinkable water; therefore, filtered water needs to be purchased.

Purchasing enough filtered water a day might sum up to a relatively significant amount, especially where you might be vacationing on a tight budget.

Investing in a filter water bottle and packing it along for your vacation helps with reducing the cost of having to purchase filtered water as well as assists with ensuring the availability of drinkable water on-the-go with utmost convenience.

Although filters may require being replaced; however, they are more often than ever each filter can last through an average of 24-gallons of water. A reliable filter water bottle can wipe out 99.99% of contaminants present within dirty water, making it thoroughly drinkable.

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Hammock that you should take for summer vacations

The summer season brings along with it an array of bugs, whether air-borne or limited to the ground.

When opting for an outdoor activity while vacationing, a hammock is among the most beneficial luxury one can afford for sleeping or a quick nap without taking up too much of packing space.

Whether you are deep within the forest, on the beach or even upon the mountains, a hammock will keep you at a safe distance from the ground and the insects that roam it, along with giving you unparalleled comfort levels of sleeping via stretchable yet breathable fabric allowing air and wind to pass through for comfort.

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Trauma-proof Smartphone Case

Smartphone cover that you need to take for a summer trip, packing list

There is nothing more possibly heartbreaking than ending up dropping your phone on the ground accidentally, only to find the screen entirely shattered, or the camera dysfunctional or worse, seeing the phone unresponsive.

While everyone tends to get a little wild at some point of their summer vacation, the best-advised remedy for minimizing damage to the phone, and; therefore, monetary loss to the wallet via fixing a broken screen is through utilizing a protective cover case.

A variety of protective smartphone covers are readily available, that too at affordable prices. They offer a wide array of protective features such as being waterproof, which is perfect for summer vacationing related water-activities, they are trauma proof; adequately able to sustain trauma and drop-impacts as well as are highly appealing to the eye.

Thus, if you adore your cell phone, the best bet for keeping it protected during the summer holidays will be to purchase a cover adequate for holding the phone fully intact and secure.

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Hand Sanitizer

Body and hand sanitizer to bring with you for a summer trip

When vacationing and in particular, outdoors, tourists often come in contact with surfaces covered with harmful bacteria and germs which can lead to catching viral infections; therefore, completely spoiling your holiday away from home.

It has also been estimated that a majority of food poisoning cases take place as a result of bacteria from dirty hands being transferred into the foot being consumed. A hand sanitizer, in this case, comes in handy with ensuring that your hands are clean enough to eat as well as enjoy your vacation, anytime, on-the-go.

Being extremely portable in size, hand sanitizers can not only be kept easily inside a clothing pocket but also helps with making the hands feel highly clean.

Aside from just feeling clean, hand sanitizers are now available in a vast number of aromatic flavors such as vanilla, raspberry, and even teekwook flavor, leaving your hand feeling and smelling phenomenal.

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Flip Flops

Summer vacations beach packing list, flip flops to take with you on a beach vacation

As absurd as it may sound, flip flops during the summers are a lifesaver especially when long distance may have to be walked. Not only do flip flops give us the advantage of being extremely lightweight, but they are profoundly comforting, as well as entirely suitable for a majority of outdoor summer activities

Available in attractive prints along with appealing colors, flip flops although may not be ideal for prolonged usage; however, due to their highly reasonable price are still worth packing and taking for your summer getaway.

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Toiletries in a hotel to bring for summer vacations

Last but most certainly not the least, essential toiletries are a must when packing for going on a summer vacation. Unlike the winters, during the summers the human anatomy tends to sweat at relatively faster rates due to the sheer heat, therefore, packing your favorite mist or deodorant is vital for ensuring that you smell pleasant at all times.

Although there is a list of high-end hotels which offer free goody-bags featuring an array of basic toiletries; however, in case you have booked yourself for a guest-house or a tight-budget hostel room, then it is best to not rely on free giveaways

Basic toiletries such as a hairbrush, soaps, tampons, moisturizers, etc. should be packed to avoid having to purchase any, at the holiday destination.

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Ultimate Summer Vacations Packing List

Finalized with your summer getaway? Then don’t forget to bring out the below-enlisted summer vacation necessities for ensuring an enjoyable experience:

Clothes Toiletries

Other Accessories

For relatively colder evening: Cardigans (Sweatshirts, long-sleeve red shirt, light jacket) Toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste Umbrella
Scarf/cover/shawl–can be utilized as a cover-up following the beach or for staying warm during cold evenings Hair Accessories: Hairbrush, clips, and barattes, hairspray & dry shampoo Wireless charger
Trousers, jeans or jeggings Small roll-on deodorant/choice of summer mist Trauma-proof smart case
Closed-toe shoes, flip flops, crocs & trainers Make-up (summer-based makeup) Waterproof backpack
Sunhats A pack of disposable razors, hair removal creams or wax strips Hammock
Shorts or skirts Small moisturizer/sunblock/BB cream Filter water bottle
Summary vibrant tops First aid kit  
Lightweight formal/informal evening dresses Hand Sanitizer  
Underwear (an adequate amount)    
Socks (depending upon the number of closed shoes being taken)    

If you cannot seem to pack each of the above-enlisted things into your luggage, then even a majority of the items would do the trick.

Instead of paying surcharged rates during the summer tourist peak season, it is best advised to pack everything from your hometown, if you intend on to staying on a budget.

Have a great time during your summer vacations!


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