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Singapore Packing List: 6 Things to Bring and Not to Bring When You Travel to Singapore

People always think about the high costs traveling to Singapore entails, hence the reason most travelers opt not to include it in their itinerary. However, skipping this tiny and fascinating country could be a big mistake. That is because it offers a lot more. According to travel writer Jaclyn Seah, “The city-state has all the modern trappings, is small, and easy to navigate.” No wonder it is often dubbed as the “fine city.” However, it is important that you know the dos and don’ts of the country. After all, Singapore is also notorious for its strict laws and regulations. That way, you can ensure that your vacation in Singapore is as smooth as possible. Disclaimer: This post might include affiliate links. I might receive commission if you purchase something using them at no additional cost for you. Things to Bring to Singapore If you are a first-time traveler to Singapore, […]

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20 Things You Need to Pack For Summer Vacation This Year

Whether on your own, with family or beloved ones, there is no better season to go vacationing than summer. Summer vacations can help make memories worth to remember a lifetime; however, that is, if vacationing is done right. Regardless of whether you may be traveling abroad, to a completely different continent or even a different city, packing the required essentials is what makes or breaks a rather joyous trip. Summer season ranging from between June till August is peak season, where prices for all commodities raise due to relatively higher tourism rates around the world. So, imagine the disappointment when you have to pay triple the price for an accessory during a vacation which you could have quickly brought along while packing from home. In case you do not wish to pay ridiculously inflated prices for things from foreign soil which you already own at home, then keep on reading! […]

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20 Items You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Spain

When you’re planning your trip, it is very important to think twice and fill your bag with all the important stuff not to regret later (arriving at a Spanish beach without taking your swimming suit feels terrible). Also, in every country, your needs are different, same as the items to pack. Not to forget anything important, fellow travel bloggers and I created a list of the most useful things you should pack for your trip to Spain. You can print the Spain packing list at the end of the article. The article includes affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost for you you can buy something, book a hotel or a tour that I indeed recommend. Spain Packing List I visited Spain an uncountable number of times, and every time, I had to think of the clothes, electronics, and other things to take for the trip. Twice, I was packing for 4-5-months of living in Spain thinking of safety, occasions, weather, places, and convenience. After many mistakes in taking something unnecessary or not […]