5 Secrets of Enjoyable Vacations: How to Have the Best Experience in the Place You Visit

Traveler on a backpack during sunset, best experience visiting a new place

Traveler on a backpack during sunset, best experience visiting a new placeWhen traveling, nobody likes to lose things, get tired of walking, get lost (without trying to) and many other unpleasant effects of not thinking of your trip in advance.

Nobody wants to go on vacations of your dreams where everything goes wrong. 

To enjoy every journey you take, I created this article with tips to have the best experience in the place you visit.

The Philippines, Nigeria, and China are all tied for second in countries with the fewest mandated vacation days off (5 days), as per CNN Travel.

That limited time may not be enough to reset all accumulated stresses though. Consider this one revealing statistic – it’s 30% more likely for men to have a heart attack if they don’t take vacations (Source: 1992 Framingham Heart Study).

But no matter how many vacation days you have in a year, what really counts is your overall enjoyment and utility!

Want the best experience for your upcoming trip? Consider these tips below.

Shut down social media

To get the most out of your vacation, it’s imperative to live in the moment.

This means staying away from major distractions, like glancing frequently at your social media feed and profile. You don’t want to miss a breathtaking view or a special moment with your family because you were too busy scrolling and updating your kayaking pictures.

Do those at your spare time in the hotel, but give yourself a ‘full break’ during the heart of the trip.

Take it slow

traveler enjoying the moment while traveling sitting on the mountain

If you bombard your itinerary with too many activities, you’ll feel like racing against time which can reduce your overall enjoyment.

In traveling, less can be more. Take your sweet time to explore a particular destination (its historic roots, sights and scenes, food, etc.). ‘Slow travel’ is actually a good way to get fully immersed with the place and feel revitalized.

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Your vacation trip isn’t all about the islands, beaches, and food. There’s certainly more to that!

What I’m talking about is doing pleasurable things in between – meditating, tranquil reading, preparing delicious meals, or roasting marshmallows while spending quality time with the family or friends.

Such things enable us to reconnect with our inner selves and to the people we’re with, making vacation trips more worthwhile.

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Practice courteousness

How to have the best experience while traveling, traveler with a suitcase

You need to stay patient in an unfamiliar paradise.

All of us gets it – queue lines at the airport, sleep deprivation, cultural differences, and unexpected turns in your itinerary.

Don’t spoil the vacation place for yourself and your family. Rather than venting those frustrations out to the innocent waitress or vendor, choose to be the better person. This makes the locals and the staff of the place more eager to offer help to you.

Practice gratefulness. Smile. Remember that you are in that place to relax, not to get frustrated.

Make a good memory of it

Once you go back to your daily life, it’s up to you on how you’ll remember your vacation experience.

If you want it to be a pleasant and lasting recollection, start sharing the fun stories to people. For instance, be proud of how you conquered snorkeling, or how you survived the place’s spicy food.

Now if you had a really great trip to the Philippines, then proclaim it to your officemates or peers. Besides pictures, all we have are great memories that are worth sharing to people.

Do you know other ways to get the best experience out of a vacation place? Feel free to enlighten us below.

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