A Traveler’s Guide To Public Swimming Pool Safety

Water resort with many people in summer
Water resort with many people in summer

Are you feeling irritated due to the summer heat? Feeling overly stressed out because of humidity? Or are you one of those people who are aiming to give themselves a break after years of work and to enjoy the last days of summer?

Regardless of your reasons, there’s no denying that going on a summer trip is one of the most common options that many people have in their minds during this time. 

However, there are various things that you need to take note of if you’re planning to make some changes and go to public swimming pools this time, especially for safety matters. It’s mainly to prevent you from being a victim of an accident occurring in a public pool.  

Beating The Summer Heat 

Have you grown tired of your usual daily routine of waking up, going to work, heading home, doing some household chores, and sleeping? Do you feel the need for a short yet meaningful time to chill and unwind? If you’re looking for a vacation trip that’s nowhere similar to the ones you had, then you have to get out of your comfort zones.

For a change, how does taking a dip in a public swimming pool sound like? Perhaps, it’s the type of new experience that you’re looking for which can bring you great summer memories.

Summertime, as always, calls for a fun-filled summer getaway and an exciting vacation. Be it a trip with your family and friends or a solo ride, nothing beats giving yourself time to relax and de-stress. Such trips not only serve as a bonding time for your loved ones but also make for a wonderful me-time.

While many people may prefer going into private resorts and secluded travel locations to spend their vacations on, this year opens up doors for significant changes in your potential vacation plan. 

Gone are the days of trips to private properties. This year, allow yourself to enjoy your summer getaway even with the company of other people. After all, swimming is a marvelous exercise and is one of the best options to bond with your family.

Whether done in a private or public facility, nothing can diminish the amount of enjoyment it can provide for you. Besides that, it’s about who you’re with at this moment that counts, not the place that you’re in. So, the best thing that you could do is to relish your short-lived freedom and spend this vacation wisely. 

To do so, while you’re having some fun, always prioritize your and your company’s safety, security, and comfortableness. You must also prepare your summer vacation packing list beforehand to make your trip hassle-free. Through these simple yet crucial considerations, you can effectively savor this incredible experience. 

Things To Know About Public Swimming Pool Safety

Lifebuoy near a public swimming pool for people's safety

Swimming is a remarkable activity that’s best spent with your loved ones. Whether in a beach, private resort, or a public pool, this makes for a fantastic event. Apart from that, swimming is also an excellent way to beat the summer heat and remain comfortable under the warm weather. However, to fully appreciate the day, safety and security come first. 

If you’re planning to have some snug and laid-back summer getaway with your loved ones, one of the primary things that you shouldn’t neglect is taking precautionary measures even before reaching your travel destination.

That being said, you have to prepare your essentials before you leave to make sure that nothing important will be left behind. Aside from that, you should also take note of the following:

Prepare Your Safety Kits

Taking a dip in a public swimming pool can be both unsettling and exciting. While this might not be your ideal place for a private getaway, this can significantly liven your day and lift your sullen mood. Besides that, it can also give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which you can always look back to. However, being in this particular outdoor facility requires maximum effort to maintain your security and safety during your trip. 

Emergencies come when least expected and can happen anytime to anyone. Hence, you must prepare for any unexpected situation, especially when you’re on a trip. That’s why the most important thing that you can do is to secure yourself a handy safety kit that you can carry with you during your trip. Having emergency equipment can be a great help to you when emergencies arise. 

Building of a public swimming pool

Some of the primary things that you should put in your safety kit include:

  • First aid kit: Out of all the essential things that your safety equipment can contain, this particular kit must always be prioritized on your every trip. Whether you’re heading into a remote place or in a nearby location, you shouldn’t forget to bring with you a handy bag of safety kit.

Before your departure, check your bag for these items to make sure that you have them with you. The first aid kit is one of the most important things that you should have when on a trip. Equipped with sufficient knowledge about first aid information for drowning and this kit, you can ensure a safe and meaningful summer experience.

  • Flashlight: After securing your safety kit, the next step you must do is to add some essential devices to it. Particularly, one of the most crucial things that your safety kit must-have is a flashlight. Along with some spare batteries, these can significantly help you get through a situation when you’ve been stuck in a dark and isolated place. 

While you may think that such a scenario can’t happen in a public pool, there’s nothing’s wrong with taking extra efforts in ensuring your safety while on a vacation. When an emergency arises, it’ll be a great help to attract attention to your location.

  • Whistle: Even the simple act of dipping in a public swimming pool can be both a daunting and exciting experience for both travelers and tourists. However, you must remember that there’s always a possibility of unexpected situations, like slipping in the slippery tiles of the pool. 

To help yourself with such situations, you should put some whistles and any sound-producing device in your safety kit. You may not know it, but this must-have signal-calling apparatus can even be your life-saver.

  • Rope: Vacation days that include swimming activities make for a fun experience. However, there’ll always be a danger of accidentally submerging onto the deeper parts of the pool, and it’s what you must be wary about. At times like that, one of the main things that can help you resurface is by having someone pull you up using ropes. 

They may not be as useful as you may think when you’re in a public swimming pool, but having a rope in your safety kit is crucial when rescuing someone who fell overboard.  

  • Life jackets: When you’re into traveling and going to different places, one of the primary things that you should always look for is a life jacket. Regardless of the situation or the type of transportation that you take, you should know where these life jackets are located.

Commonly known by most people as personal flotation devices, flotation suits, or buoyancy aid, these lifesaving devices are a must-have in every boating safety kit. No matter how safe the pool is, there’s no denying that going on a swimming activity means dealing with the possibilities of drowning accidents. 

Even the most seasoned adventure-seeking travelers and tourists sometimes have to deal with unexpected situations which can happen during their trip. At times like this, having handy safety equipment that includes whistles, ropes, flashlights, flares, fire extinguishers, life jackets, and a first aid kit, is a must. 

If you’re having a vacation with your family, and you happen to have kids with you, the most important thing that you can do for them is to make them wear some personal flotation devices (PFDs) or bring inflatable pool floats to prevent untoward accidents. This handy safety equipment can effectively help you get through emergencies and can even be your lifesaver.

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Avoid Swimming Alone

Empty public pool in a luxury resort

After a tiring day of doing fun-filled activities with your family, you might suddenly feel like you want to have your free time in the water and revel in your solitude. However, no matter how much you’d like to do that, you should know that swimming alone is one of the few things that are prohibited in a pool. Regardless of the pool’s depth and even if you know how to swim you mustn’t swim unescorted, especially at night. 

While lifeguards and pool operators strictly monitor tourists and travelers to prevent them from swimming on their own, there are still instances when some of these people violate pool guidelines and rules. Thus, such scenarios often result in pool casualties and accidents increase over the past decades. 

According to studies, there are approximately 236,000 reported cases of pool casualties over the past years. Because of that, drowning became the world’s third leading cause of unintentional death and a major public health hazard in recent years.  

For you to enjoy your vacation stay and prevent untoward events, try to abide by the lifeguards’ and pool operators’ guidelines on how to stay safe during your vacation trip.

Don’t Bring Alcoholic Drinks

Vacation trips and summer getaways are some of the most popular ways to beat the summer heat. Families, groups of friends, and young adults often resort to this option to give themselves time to unwind and relax. Swimming, in particular, is an ideal alternative to bond with your loved ones. Besides that, some people find enjoyment through partying with their friends while drinking. 

However, bringing alcoholic beverages and liquor is strictly prohibited in public swimming pool facilities. It’s because alcohol impairs various senses, including coordination, balance, and judgment. Apart from that, alcohol also affects someone’s ability to swim well and lowers body temperature. Due to this, liquor is banned in most public facilities.   

Even in private ones, tourists are restricted to bring such drinks to avoid unintentional drowning while having fun. This rule applies to all, including children, young adults, and parents. So, even if you’re with a child or not, always practice discipline in everything that you do and avoid consuming alcohol as much as possible to prevent risks of accidents and casualties.

Stairs in the pool for safety of the people

Learn First Aid Procedures

No matter how much knowledge you have when it comes to dealing with emergencies, there are instances that you’ll forget what you practiced because of panic and confusion. Instances like these happen, especially if you witnessed an actual accident. When unexpected things occur, how can you save someone if you don’t know what to do and no one’s near the vicinity to help?  

To efficiently deal with such situations, the best thing that you can do is to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about first aid procedures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) before the date of your trip. Knowing how to perform CPR can mean life and death at times like that and significantly help you save other people’s life.

The More, The Merrier

Large open public swimming pool from above bird eye view

When it comes to beating the summer heat, one of the most common alternatives that most people usually consider is to take a vacation trip. If you’re observing a tight budget and you can’t afford a private pool, then the best option for you is to spend your vacation in a public swimming pool. This might not be as comfortable as the former option, but it can also make for a meaningful and worthwhile experience, especially if you’ll know how to make the most out of it. 

Spending your vacation days in the presence of your loved ones and with the company of other people might be the change that you’re looking for this year. Along with that, it can also be an ideal recreational activity for your plan to de-stress and relax. 

Bottom Line

Taking a vacation trip has been one of the most ideal options for everyone, especially travel enthusiasts and tourists this year. Due to the summer heat, many people are now rushing to go to swimming pool facilities where they can enjoy the last days of summer. 

While many people may prefer the usual vacation locations, like going to the beach or renting some private resorts, this year paves the way for a cheaper and more affordable vacation option. Taking a dip in a public swimming pool, in particular, makes for a fun and more meaningful activity.  

However, you must learn some public swimming pool safety tips, such as preparing handy safety kits, avoiding unescorted swimming, preventing risks of unintentional drowning, and learning some first aid procedures. Through these crucial considerations, you can ensure a safe and lively vacation trip.

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