Summing up 2017 and reasons to read my blog in 2018

New Years eve 2018, plans on

Valencia and me, city of arts and sciencesThe year 2017 is going to its end, so it is time to sum it up and nostalgize a little.

It was a good year. I’ve started this blog on 16th of April. Since then, it reached about 12000 monthly visitors and about the same amount of social media subscribers (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, VK, Flipboard and much more…).

Most popular blog posts were 1 day in Paris for 50 euros, reasons to travel and cheapest European cities by Backpacker index. The first great success was a collaborate post with 50 great tips to travel the world cheap that I’ve created with 15 travel bloggers. The post was viewed over 1000 times in just one day, next day after its publication.

I’ve also created two videos: Norway road trip and Valencia adventures, and going to create much more next year. The first one had over 600 views (not bad for the first time). You can watch it below.


Поездка по норвежским фьордам

Since I started my blog, I’ve visited 8 countries (less than last year, but more places in each of them). I’ve been twice in Prague (Czech republic), twice in Berlin, once in Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Limburg and Koblenz (Germany). I’ve visited several Polish cities (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Torun, Bialystok), well, I’ve been home, Belarus, visited Amsterdam (Netherlands), twice been to Valencia, once in Alicante and Barcelona (Spain, Catalonia(?)), had a great road trip in Norway, and spent a weekend in Stockholm (Sweden).

It was a great year.

Next year will be even better.

Why You Should Read My Blog in 2018

New Years eve 2018, plans on

Here are the 6 main reasons, why you should read my blog in 2018:

  1. My first trip will be to Madeira, and it will be awesome. I will do paragliding, surfing, canyoning, hiking, I will be attending a jeep tour and much more. All of it definitely needs a video that is why I’m going to get an action camera to make my videos more professional.
  2. After the trip to Madeira, I’ll be on my third Erasmus (student exchange), which will be in Vigo, Spain. So, I will try to discover Spain and Portugal even more.
  3. I’m going to post many articles with tips to travel cheaper and better. Most convenient backpacks and suitcases, best places to stay and places to visit, mobile apps and travel websites to make your trip better.
  4. I will continue writing city guides, but they will consist of two parts: 1) travel guide + 3 routes, 2) prices in that particular city.
  5. I’m going to give more tips for busy people having a limited time to travel to help them maximize the time they have in the place of their visit. It will be very suitable for me, as I’m going to start a digital marketing agency in January, so I’ll be working even more than my usual 60-70 hours per week.
  6. I’m also going to slowly move my blog from travel to lifestyle. I was thinking of it from the moment I’ve created it. I’m still a student, but my usual days look like that: 8 am to 10 pm work (and some sports in the middle), 10pm-2-4am meeting friends and going out. All that 5 to 7 days a week, sometimes I also travel for 2-3 days. I have two blogs, about 7 clients that I do SEO, SEM, SMM, copywriting and translations for. I always improve my knowledge and try to find the ways to make my working time most effective. How I do it? That is what I will cover in new kinds of posts on my blog.

They are my plans. Feel free to propose something to me, as you are the ones I’ve created this blog for. If you want to know more tips, get information from Asian or American destinations, just comment below!

Not to miss these great posts and videos, subscribe to my social media below! Have a great year in 2018!

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