1. gastrotravelogue
    14.10.2017 @ 19:03

    Gràcia looks like a great place to explore. The Casa Vicens,looks amazing. I am a Gaudi fan, but that is not one I have seen. Thanks for sharing!


    • romanroams
      15.10.2017 @ 07:14

      Glad you liked it


  2. Fiona Maclean
    14.10.2017 @ 21:28

    I loved Park Güell – it is a real highlight of Barcelona isn’t it! I haven’t explored any of the other Gaudi sites in Gracia though, so thanks for the tips. I’m a bit too old for hostels – though I know Generator are exellent, but I think I’d rather enjoy staying at an AirBnB in Gracia


  3. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie
    14.10.2017 @ 23:41

    I loved Barcelona when I visited several years ago, but I admit, I only made it to Park Guell. I would’ve loved to visit the Gaudi House Museum to learn more about the artist. His work is just beyond interesting! But, perhaps that’s the beauty of visiting a place more than once. You have time to go deeper. The Gracia neighborhood looks like the perfect place to start. It would be so sweet to relax in one of the squares and glimpse daily life.


    • romanroams
      15.10.2017 @ 07:16

      Yes, Gracia is a realy great place to start with. Or to visit if you’ve been several times to Barcelona before


  4. muryan6
    15.10.2017 @ 06:56

    Now this is something I would bookmark! Gracia looks very local and quaint and I would go there for the ‘non touristy’ panoramic view of Barcelona! Lovely!


  5. bherron80
    15.10.2017 @ 08:16

    I agree that the less central and less touristed barrios in Barcelona (and any city\) are the best. I loved wandering around the periphery barrios there last year and eating tapas at a bunch of different bars-all with fantastic prices and more friendly service (because they aren’t inundated with as many tourists so their patience is not as thin).


  6. Mirthmade
    15.10.2017 @ 22:41

    Gorgeous photos! That architecture is amazing.


  7. WanderingCarol
    16.10.2017 @ 21:00

    You’re doing a great sell job on Gracia. Now I wish I’d done more in the area than visit the park. I thought that Casa Vicens looked super interesting, it’s cool to see where Gaudi began and where he ended up. I was in Barcelona for six months but the suburb I stayed in definitely wasn’t as interesting as this one.


  8. Paige
    17.10.2017 @ 04:38

    I’ve never heard of the Gracia neighborhood, but I do recognize many of the sites in the neighborhood. I love that it seems super-centrally located. I love that there are lots of hostels available as well. Now that I’m married, it so much harder to find great hostels. I like seeing that there are affordable spots in Barcelona for families too!


  9. Meg Jerrard
    17.10.2017 @ 11:50

    Thanks for the overview of Gràcia – we loved Barcelona, and definitely got to explore the neighborhood – we took in Park Güell after the Sagrada Familia, but decided we would walk – yep right up that massive hill! But gave us the chance to see the normal life of the neighborhood, wnader through parks, narrow streets and alleys. Was a great way to explore actually.

    Loved Park Güell – a lot of it was touristy I thought, but still a beautiful place to wander and relax. Very unique that’s for sure! Thanks for the tip on Bunkers del Carmel for a panoramic view without the crowds – will have to note that one for our next visit 🙂


  10. Haze
    17.10.2017 @ 13:00

    The Panoramic Points got me! I love the view and your photo! I love visiting touristic places on the first few days of my travel to see why they are touristy but once I am done, I am down to going off-the-beaten path to explore more of the culture, livelihood, etc.

    I can relate to “you will have just a second to take a picture before the next group of Chinese pushes you off” because I encountered a lot in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and even Myanmar. And yes, no racism, just the truth.


  11. Rudderless Travel
    18.10.2017 @ 02:03

    Barca Baby!!! I love Barcelona. What an incredible city. So much culture, incredible food and beautiful architecture. However, I love that you focused on one district, the Gracia District. Fantastic. I love Park Guell and the Casa Vicens is stunning, so sorry I never saw it in person. This is a great post and I can wait to come back Spain


  12. Andrew
    21.11.2017 @ 14:21

    I liked Barcelona very much, architecture or Gaudí is imaginative.

    Yeah, there are many hostels in the centre of the city.


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