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Playa de las Catedrales, Астурия, Испания

20 Items You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Spain

When you’re planning your trip, it is very important to think twice and fill your bag with all the important stuff not to regret later (arriving at a Spanish beach without taking your swimming suit feels terrible). Also, in every country, your needs are different, same with the items to pack. […]

Beach in tenerife, best attractions

Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Tenerife to Visit with Kids

I was thinking of visiting the Canary Islands next year, so I asked Molly about the best attractions in Tenerife that every tourist should visit. She wrote a whole post for me about visiting Tenerife with kids (but these attractions will be interesting for everyone)! Keep on reading! Tenerife is […]

All six friends in Valencia, experiences in my trip

Unforgettable Adventures in my Trip to Valencia, Spain

I’ve recently visited Valencia, and as always, I didn’t plan much, as a trip is more interesting, when there is some element of expectancy and improvisation. And, it was the best decision I’ve made. The adventures during my trip to Valencia are the best or second best (Norway fjords road […]

Square in Gracia district, Barcelona

Guide to Gracia Neighborhood, Barcelona’s Greatest Secret

Barcelona is a very popular tourist destination, but it has some lesser-known spots that are almost never visited by travelers (although they are really worth it). One of such spots is Gràcia neighborhood, where you can see the life of locals without countless street vendors and groups of tourists with […]

Boat in a small town in Asturias, Spain

Top 10 Things to Do in Asturias. Ultimate Travel Guide

Asturias is one of the least known parts of Spain, a hidden gem that the Spanish cherish. This region has everything that a real paradise needs: warm sun, huge ocean, high mountains, beautiful nature, interesting culture, great food and drinks, and friendly people. Top things to do in Asturias go […]

Historical capital of Asturias, Erasmus in Spain

My Erasmus in Spain. Global Cultural Exchange

Do you know about the Erasmus student exchange program? It is a program created to make the future European Union work force more flexible, to unite the cultures and make people more loyal to each other. You can read some facts about Erasmus program here. Well, for many students it […]