5 Ways To Discover Berlin Like A Local

Old quarter of Berlin, NIkolaiviertel

The German city of Berlin is one of the most famous cities in the country.

Thanks to espionage films, action binge shows like Money Heist, and love stories feature its mysterious beauty.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and still holds wonders from the rich historical events which are part of its existing glory.

Explorations within Berlin

Berlin’s bustling industrial landscape contributes to its worldwide charm and place as the German country’s capital.

The city is renowned by the global tourism industry for its exceptional array of landmarks incorporated with a vibrant European ambiance and rich cultural scenery.

Berlin is a place where hectic life goes about its citizens while providing tourists a place to relax and recover from their daily lives.

Berlin Skyline

One method to explore the industrial nature of Berlin is by joining with corporate activities based upon the area. Any company event organizer may schedule group-based adventures with Teamevent Berlin that introduces its participants to trials and games while letting them navigate through its ancient and contemporary city streets.

Brewing with unforgettable landmarks and sceneries, every person participating in corporate Berlin events are taken about its accumulated combinations of historic and modern architectural structures.

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Any initial visit within the German capital city of Berlin absolutes to an incredible and profound experience. Being the country’s chief urban city, it lies at the heart of the Northern German plains.

It once was the centric industrial location from an east-west trading link that historically made it the capital of the once combined states that formed Prussia and would become the modern country known as Germany.

Based on factual statements, the city is well-known and recognized by tourists worldwide due to its striking and obvious contrasts of buildings.

Its past interstate affairs and re-innovation of the town made way for the combination of historical buildings standing alongside modern architectural designs and constructs that inspires and awes people from different countries.

Berlin is an eclectic mix of a history lesson due to its recent experiences and its economic rise and consistency in improvement.

5 Ways to Explore Berlin

Berlin is the ideal place to walk around its confines, just like one of its locals. It boasts an active and energetic nightlife profoundly influenced and enhanced by the present generation’s technological feats.

Berlin is a cityscape with one of the best street food choices and holds the title to be the originating place of its world-famous beer.

Berlin’s German capital ticks all the boxes that an adventurous spirit seeks out when visiting another city scene.

Try out Berlin’s Typical Dishes

Doner kebab food in Berlin, exploring the city like a local

It would be a surprise for most tourists that Berlin’s famous street food – the döner kebab is created by Turkish immigrants, and its store the Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab is always visited by patrons.

Operating at any weather, Berlin’s street food establishment known as Curry 36 serves the popular snack called currywurst. Expect to wait in line when buying from both stores as you can try both dishes on the same night since Curry 36 is just a few yards from Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab. 

Take a Street Art Tour

Street art tour in Berlin

If you have ever tried to spray paint walls in your home country and transformed it into a beautiful masterpiece, then Berlin has its locations for world-class street art.

Raw Gelande, Friedrichshain is a combination of painted walls and graffiti that revives classical German architecture with sharp mixes of murals and sharp colors.

Right at the heart of Berlin, another location called Haus Schwarzenberg features vibrant artworks created by one of Germany’s non-profit art organizations.

Items and Collectibles

flea market in Berlin, how to see the city like a local

Avid collectors, historians, and hobbyists may visit numerous Berlin’s Flea markets.

One of the most famous ones is located at Str. des 17. Juni, 10623 Berlin, Germany, it is the city’s central trading fair for antiques and collectibles that can always remind you of your travels.

If you are also a historical buff, then the antique collections sold by the vendors may appeal to your taste.

Visit Mitte’s Welt-Ballon

Die Welt air balloon at night in Berlin
Source: Die Welt

Germany was once world-famous for their gigantic Zeppelins. If you are familiar with their enormous helium-filled airship creations and dreamt of riding one, then the present Welt-Ballon is the closest thing you’ll experience.

You can find its base station where the Welt-Ballon ascends from at Zimmerstraße, just by the corner of Wilhelmstraße, Mitte district.

Tour the Berlin Wall with a Bike

Tracing the vast geographical landmark that once divided East Germany from West Germany would tell you of the country’s rich history from the cold war era.

Skeletal observation towers are built along the wall’s length that can be climbed by tourists and explorers.

Berlin on Bike is an organization that takes tourists on a bike ride along Berlin’s most popular tourist destination.


Berlin is a world-famous city that is the capital of Germany. It is recognized for its striking combination of contemporary buildings built alongside historical locations that always inspires modern-day architects.

Berlin holds several landmarks and is the party capital of the European continent.

Learn about more unusual attractions in Berlin!

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