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About Me

My name is Roman, I’m from Minsk, Belarus. I am a student of the Economic University in Poznan, Poland. I study e-commerce. But, more than from university, I’ve learned from the internet, different articles and online courses. Among the things I’ve learned were languages, German and Spanish.  but my whole life I was a big fan of traveling.

Apart from the blog, I work on numerous projects, some of which are also connected to traveling. For example, Visit-Belarus.com website about attractions and interesting places to visit in Belarus. I’ve created this website, because traveling around the world and meeting people, I found out that almost nobody knows of the existance of my country, despite the fact that Belarus has lots of great and unique attractions. If you also don’t know much about Belarus, check this article with 50 interesting facts about Belarus.

About Traveling

Best Norway Fjords Road Trip

Great adventurous road trip itinerary through Norwegian fjords and mountains

Being a child, I was traveling a lot with my family, and I became dependent to the need for constant change of places and visiting new cities and countries over and over again. So, today I travel at least once a month. As a 20-year old, I have visited about 28 countries and go to about 10-12 different countries every year. In 2017, I’ve already visited Spain (Girona, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante), Czech Republic (Prague), Sweden (Nykoping and Stockholm), Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and Torun), my hometown Minsk in Belarus, and several beautiful places in Norway, including Bergen and Haugesund cities.

Now, most often my trips last about 3 days, I fly for the weekend, but several times a month. From thoroughly planned travels, a couple of years ago I switched to spontaneous trips with an element of surprise and adventures. Even not really pleasant adventures are remembered for a long time as something very cool.

Colorful boats on the dawn in Malta

Colorful boats on the dawn in Malta

About Adventures

I remember trying to get from the airport to the bus station in Madrid with the legs completely trampled. In Brussels, together with my family, we went instead of Charleroi airport, in the opposite direction and got to Bruges, where accidentally my father’s friend stayed, and at midnight we had dinner on the main square. After it, we went to our hotel right near the tower, from which one of the main characters of the «In Bruges» movie jumped.

I remember staying in Madrid with almost no money for 3 days, and having a really great time there thanks to numerous cheap and free attractions. In the US, we went to the mountains and did not look at the weather forecast, because of which our «mountain stuff» was completely wet, all the night it was raining, our tents were leaking, and the next day we had to climb the mountains almost in slippers (in the photo below), and then caught a ride to meet a friend who was supposed to drive us back.

These are just few of the adventures that I had during my trips. I will tell you much more in my articles!

In the White Mountains, travel blog of RomanRoams.com

In swimming trunks and sneakers with almost no soil left in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, US

About articles

It will not be trivial tours around the city with descriptions of attractions to visit, but stories about adventures during my travels and interesting moments.

Of course, I will add interesting facts and tips on what to visit and what to try along with the addresses of these places.

If there are any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me at contact@romanroams.com

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