5 Amazing Attractions in Western Australia You Need to Visit

Houses on the water, attractions in Western Australia

Australia is a huge country with lots of wonderful places to visit. To help you choose the best ones for your next trip, today’s guest blogger Zara will share the best ones to visit in Western Australia.

Houses on the water, attractions in Western AustraliaOften overshadowed by the famous corners of its Eastern sibling coast, especially thanks to the urban hotspots Sydney and Melbourne, Western Australia is somewhat of a hidden treasure of the continent.

Its vibrant culture, alluring coastline, and its hypnotizing natural wonders all make WA the perfect destination for someone who craves to experience the best and the wildest Australia has to offer.

From the bustling streets of Perth and its incredible, laid-back vibes, the dreamy honey-hued beaches, and all the way to the desert landscape that dominates the inland, WA sure makes for a diverse travel itinerary even for the most demanding traveler.

For those with limited time to explore this vast part of the country, the following are considered both by locals and visitors as the worthiest stops for your adventure!

Ningaloo Reef

There is no better way to learn about the underwater wealth of Western Australia than to get truly close and personal to its marine inhabitants. The one place on Earth that allows you to meet her majesty, the whale shark, and swim by its side, is precisely located in WA, or more precisely, in Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.

The Reef is under UNESCO protection, and hosts a huge number of marine species, from turtles, humpback whales, hundreds of fish and coral species, all the way to manta rays.

For more adventurous among you, scuba-diving among the many wrecks in the vicinity of Point Cloates is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of an experience. Once you’re done swimming with the elusive ocean dwellers, you can head to the Cape Range National Park for further discoveries of the local wildlife and its rugged rocky terrain.

Karijini National Park

Lake, attractions in West Australia

A surreal composition of dramatic gorges, fairy-tale-like waterfalls, and star-lit nights, the vast landscape of Karijini is every nature-lover’s perfect wilderness adventure.

Pristine and pure are the most fitting descriptions of the area, and considering its two billion years of existence, one could easily say that it belongs to one of Earth’s rarest treasures that has stood the test of a multitude of times.

There is no better way to have a glimpse at its awe-inspiring treasures than to camp for several days on the very grounds of the park.

Before you head to the Dales Gorge campground, or the Karijini Eco Retreat, make sure you bring all the necessary outdoor camping gear to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Sometimes the right pair of durable shoes, a multi-functional knife, or a comfy tent can make all the difference in ensuring you have enough energy for the adventure.

No matter where you choose to stay, brace yourself for pristine hiking trails, picnic-perfect spots by the numerous pools, and ancient gorge exploration!

Margaret River

The very name of the area already rings with reputation, one that calls for a toast, as Margaret River is brimming with vineyards and boutique wineries that offer a perfect escape from the city crowds.

Add to that the local restaurants with their impeccable culinary wonders, and a few artsy galleries for those in need of a culture boost, and you have an ideal sophisticated excursion in the heart of pure wilderness.

There’s so much to see that you’ll hardly have enough time to see it all. Margaret River has a stretch of surfing-perfect coast, with waves always ready to lift your spirits, and its many crystal-clear beaches make for the go-to destination of families in need of rest and relaxation.

This region of WA truly has it all, but don’t miss out on a trip to the limestone caves that abound in the area, adorned with impressive rock formations to haunt your dreams.


Perth, australia things to do

In addition to the many spots in the wild, the value of WA lies also in its capital city of Perth. Although it doesn’t have a glamorous reputation as its Eastern siblings do, Perth is a truly eclectic city that is interspersed with cultural riches and maintains that relaxed spirit of a beachside metropolis.

Whether you crave to spend your days on a beach such as the well-known Rockingham, or you’d prefer an artsier itinerary, Perth has you covered. Even shopaholics among you will enjoy the growing shopping scene of the city, with offers ranging from local crafts all the way to haute boutiques boasting world-renowned designer names.

However, whatever ends up on your to-do list, make sure to stop by one of Perth’s up-and-coming foodie hotspots, where you can taste some authentic Aussie brunch menus and various worldly influences!

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Shark Bay

Stomatolites in Western Australia

Another site that is protected by UNESCO, and a favorite among wildlife lovers, Shark Bay is home to some of the most mesmerizing beaches as well as the famous Monkey Mia dolphins which have become the staple of the region, and the key reason for so many visits.

These clever, friendly creatures have come accustomed to human presence and contact, so every day, the local rangers invite a few selected visitors to feed the dolphins – you may be among the lucky ones!

However, this is not the sole attraction of this particular area, as you can also enjoy a camel ride, book an Aboriginal tour to learn more about the local culture, or of course, spend a few hours snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing in the many bays of the area.

Although these are some of Western Australia’s most idyllic locations for travelers of all preferences, the region hides other sights and nooks that are worth a visit.

Before you set out on your Western Australia journey, do some research on the area to see if there might be more to see in the vicinity, and not miss out on the many hidden treasures of this beautiful part of the continent.

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