Motorcycle Trip Packing List: Items You Must Not Forget

Biker riding in the mountains, motorcycle checklist

Biker riding in the mountains, motorcycle checklist

Millennials, Travel, and Adventure go hand in hand.

Traveling as per your means is an adventure in itself as it brings to you a sense of independence, makes you confident, and gives you perspective.

You also get to see different cultures and taste different types of food around the world.

One of the most important things that most people want to experience in the current adventure-driven environment is taking a road trip to their favorite destination.

And since you know your generation’s love for motorcycles, there is no better experience than taking a complete trip on your motorcycle.

blue motorcycle on grass in a forest, bike packing list

The idea of a motorcycle trip sounds very exciting to bike enthusiasts. The fact that you can ride to your favorite destination is an experience in itself, and no bike lover would want to miss out on that.

Motorcycle trips get uncomfortable after a point; therefore, you need to pack all the essentials so that you do not face any challenges or difficulties during your journey.

Below are a few things that you should not forget while packing for a motorcycle trip. All these things are necessary for you to carry along with you during your trip.

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Biker Essentials

The most basic things that everyone should pack are some of the necessities of an individual. Basic things such as clothes, shoes, water, toiletries should always be the first thing that the person packs.

You need to carry clothes and other necessities relating to your destination. You should have enough stock for your trip but should not carry too much stuff. Therefore, having the right amount of essential items is very important for your trip.

Motorcycle Accessories

Bike road trip packing accessories list, riding on a forest road

The main means for your transportation during your trip is your motorcycle. Therefore, you need to have proper motorcycle protection so that you do not feel any discomfort during your trip.

Accessories such as tire repair kit, chain oil, wax, GPS mounts, bungees, etc. are essential for your trip. You need to create a list of all the accessories and then re-check if you are carrying those accessories along with you.

You also need to take your motorcycle to a mechanic and get all its parts checked so that you do not face any kind of problems and issues during your trip.

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First-Aid Kit

Since you will ride on your bike, you will have to carry very limited items. Amongst all the other things, it becomes essential for you to carry your first aid kit.

It is better to be cautious and carry your necessary medicines. You should carry medicines for all kinds of problems that you can face on your trip like muscle pain, mosquito bites, minor injuries due to accidents, nausea, etc.

You should also carry additional band-aids, bandages, antiseptic lotions so that you have the vital things if you get hurt. Therefore, to ride safely, you need to carry all the crucial first-aid medications so that you have all the essentials if you feel sick or hurt yourself.


Two motorcycles on the road, travel gear to buy

It is essential for you to invest in a good-quality windshield. A windshield will guard your body against the wind.

The composition of a good-quality windshield is a strong fabric that does not let the wind get to your body. While you are on a road trip, the weather keeps changing due to the climate of different regions.

To guard your body against becoming weak or falling sick, it becomes crucial for you to invest your money in buying a good-quality windshield. You should research well about the type of fabric and later purchase the same.

Important Documents

Since you are traveling to different places on a road trip, it becomes essential for you to carry all your documents that can be of use. The rules of different places differ and therefore, to not fall under any inconvenience, you should carry all your necessary documents.

If you get into some trouble and have all your necessary documents with you, you can easily tackle the problems and get out of them. Documents like your passport, bike registration card, driving license, bike insurance card, etc., should always be there with you when you go out on a bike trip.

Protection Gear

biker riding a cruiser on a dark road, protection motorcycle gear

Motorcycle rides are perilous, and it becomes vital for you to carry the right protection gear with you so that you do not face any hazardous accidents.

The first thing that you should not forget to bring is a helmet. Apart from protecting your head with a helmet, you should also carry a jacket in which you can insert a back protector for protecting your spinal cord.

It also becomes essential for you to protect your feet from rotational forces and shearing. Therefore, you need to carry the right boots for them.

Lastly, it would help if you took gloves and waterproof jackets so that you do not get wet while riding in the rain. 

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Bluetooth Headset

While riding a motorcycle, it becomes very tough for you to attend phone calls; therefore, you should carry a Bluetooth headset with you on your road trip.

A Bluetooth headset enables you to listen to navigation instructions and answer phone calls easily. It also fits properly inside your helmet, and you do not have to stop every time you get a call on your mobile phone.

You can also speak to the other riders who have the same Bluetooth communicator without making a call to them. From giving you instructions about road obstructions to making you listen to music, you should not forget to carry a Bluetooth headset with you.

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Our own tacos made at the hostel

The journey of your trip does not guarantee you the availability of food of your preference. You should, therefore, carry food items for your trip so that you do not have to face any inconvenience regarding food.

Riding a bike gets exhausting after a point of time; therefore, you should stock yourself with food and water.

You should carry ready-made food items such as protein bars, sandwiches, cheese, pretzels, healthy chips, etc. that will give you energy and keep you full. In doing so, you will not face any inconvenience regarding food and water.

Packing is not as easy as it sounds. You need to research and make a list of all the things that you need to carry with you.

Road trips on motorcycles are even more complicated as you do not have space to keep your bags. The above points highlight the important things that you need to carry with you while you plan to go on a motorcycle trip.

If you follow the above points, you will save a lot of time and have a great road trip on your motorcycle without facing any hassles.

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  • I love to read any tips that I can get my hands on, to improve my motorcycle riding experience. Thanks for sharing these nuggets with us.

    One more thing, your design looks a bit interesting. Meaning I am browsing from my laptop and looks like as if I am reading it through a mobile screen, everything seems bigger than it usually is on other websites. Not sure why.

  • all this for a day trip?? I take My ktm tool kit, a thin down jacket and an extra base layer, sometimes extra gloves but heated grips usually are enough unless it’s raining. I live in Norway though so the off road is mostly just gravel.

  • This is not a post but a very good piece of advice if you understand some is caring for your life.
    life is a gift and for its safety, we must follow the safety stander. This very handy lesson and definitely I will put it forward to my rider friends.
    You give everything purely. Thanks

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