Safety tips to keep in mind when organizing a business trip

Business people, safety tips when organizing a business trip
Business people, safety tips when organizing a business tripBusiness trips are important for any enterprise. Whether it’s about networking and making connections or breaching into a new market, you need them.

But, you need to do everything you can in order to not let an amazing business opportunity turn into a tragedy.

Simply put, accidents happen, and you should do everything you can to prevent them. That’s where we come in.

The following article outlines a couple of tips you can keep in mind. These will not necessarily guarantee, but will definitely increase the odds of you having a safe trip.

Travel Insurance


The first thing you should do is set up a good travel insurance policy. While it’s often included as part of your health coverage or your credit cards, you should still check. Travel agencies will often help you with this, to a greater or lesser degree. Some will literally do everything for you, while others will give you some basic guidelines.

In case you’re not going to get assistance from travel agencies, you need to check with your insurance company. See what they have to offer. Always read the fine print. The coverage and price may vary drastically depending on where exactly are you going.

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What to bring and where to bring itThings to take to a business trip to keep safe

First of all, triple check if you brought all the necessary medication you need. This means everything from the meds you need for any specific conditions you may have, to the most basic things like mosquito repellant and aspirin. Nausea medication is also useful if you tend to get sick on the road.

However, there are other things you could use. For example, if you’re going to a dangerous and unstable country, you should probably bring pepper spray or some other self-defense item.

Always have your passport and phone near you. Don’t just keep these in a bag at the hotel room. These can always get stolen (or lost) and then you will really get into trouble. Carry some extra money in another wallet, in case one gets stolen.

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Having access to your account overseas is also a good idea. However, setting up accounts in this way is outside of the scope of this article, and we recommend you speak to your bank’s local branch for advice.

Safety in the air and advice for the road

Airport, safety in the air and road trip advice for a business trip

Before you even climb onto an airplane keep an eye on your bags. Follow all security measures and whatever the TSAs tell you. When you enter the plane, keep any sensitive technology with you at all times. It can get damaged when handled by airplane staff.

The same rules apply if you’re travelling by bus or train. Always keep the most sensitive of things with you at all times. Pay close attention to how long bathroom breaks last. You don’t want to have the bus go away and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign country. Double check the buses itinerary, and speak to the driver in case you want to be 100% certain.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to get a car rental. When you’re on the road, familiarize yourself with the car you rented out. Drive around a bit, check the lights and locks. See if the rental agency has any tips or advice when you’re on the road.

Always carry a map with you, don’t just rely on your GPS. And remember, accidents can happen. The chances are slim, but they do. That’s why you should always keep a business card from a professional car accident claim lawyer in your wallet. Who knows when you could end up really needing it.

Staying safe in hotels

Safe travel in Cambodia graphic letters

When you get into a hotel, the first thing you should do is write down hotel security’s phone number, in case you get into any trouble. If the area is really unstable, you should ask the security guard to escort you to your car at night. Don’t get rooms that are directly open to the street since this makes them really easy to rob and break into.

A good tip is to always leave the Do Not Disturb Sign on your doorknob when you exit the room. That will make any would-be robber think you’re still there. Also, check on any reviews the hotel may have. It’s best if you can actually talk to somebody who was already there, but sometimes online reviews will just have to do.


And there you have it, folks. We hope this article has been informative and that it will keep you safe and sound. A good business trip may do wonders for your company, but safety should be your top priority. Remember to keep the safety on your mind everywhere – on the road, on the plane or in your hotel room. Also, check these general travel tips from 15 travel bloggers


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