Studying Abroad vs Distance Learning: What To Choose?

Female student reading a book on the lawn, studying abroad

Female student reading a book on the lawn, studying abroadIf you really think of studying abroad as I did but you have many constraints and doubts concerning this, you should consider distance learning as well.

Evelyn has much experience and knows a lot about both studying abroad and distance learning. In this article, she tells about all advantages and disadvantages of both options.

If you’re confronting such a difficult decision: studying abroad or distance learning, this article will help you A LOT to decide!

When it comes to higher studies, students often prioritize taking their courses abroad. It also serves as an opportunity for them to explore the world a little more and gain life experience differently.

However, the idea of studying abroad is not feasible for everyone, and they decide on distant learning. For both cases, there are always many determining factors that could help you make a choice.

In this article, let us take a look at the good and bad of both studying abroad and distance learning. By the end, you will have a better idea of how to proceed with this life-defining decision.

Studying Abroad

Guess the city, city hall

The percentage of students choosing to study abroad is increasing by 12% every year. So is it worth it to take the plunge?

Advantages of Studying Abroad

 Here you’ll find out all the main advantages of studying abroad.

1. The Adventure

View in the mountains during the jeep tour in Madeira

Studying abroad comes with the whole package of new experiences and advantages. There is the excitement of exploring a new place, immersing yourself in another culture and even language.

These could shape your personality and also determine the course of your life. Moreover, new skills and new meetings can give a push in a professional sphere in the nearest future, when you finish your education. 

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2. The Positive Impact

International students studying abroad

Having done a learning program abroad is always an asset in your resume. It will make you look more attractive to employers and also offer a great many opportunities to receive high-quality education first hand.

Besides, you will take a new experience to cooperate with other people from a different side. You will become a citizen of the foreign country so that you can find a job in the country you are studying in. 

3. New Way of Studying

student learning during classes abroad

If you are going to study abroad, your goal is to get knowledge according to the various methodologies. Nowadays, there are lots of systems regarding which students all over the world upgrade their skills. Each university offers an individual program. Therefore, you can easily choose that one you fancy the most.

Furthermore, you can compare different studying proceedings and make conclusions regarding this or that new comings in the studying process. Your worldview will develop, that will be surely in hand in the future. 

In this infographic you can see some more advantages of studying abroad based on a survey:
Infographic about impact of studying abroad on future life, advantages

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Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

 1. Cultural Shock

Boy in nepal, cultural differences when studying abroad

Not everyone can look at the bright side of things. For many, studying abroad means uprooting their life and end up facing a cultural shock the entire time. It takes time to adapt to a new way of living or might find difficulty in learning another language.

Just imagine, you are in another country, you take a risk, and it is perfect! You may never return to this country again, so enjoy the moment and take care of yourself. 

2. The Cost

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Studying abroad almost in all cases is going to be expensive. Apart from the tuition fees, one will also have to worry about living costs. The financial pressure might even affect your academic performance.

In both scenarios, students often find themselves having less time to focus on academics. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help from professionals if you need it. For instance, essay writers can surely help you finish a few academic papers to get back on track on any subject. It will only help you more to dedicate time to the more demanding tasks at hand.

In some universities, you can ask for the grant as for the foreign student, however, nobody can tell you for sure, will you able to take it or not. 

Distance Learning

Distance learning on a tablet from home

According to this report from the National Center for Educational Statistics, the number of students enrolling exclusively for online lessons has grown up to 15.6 % as of 2017. The amount would have tremendously increased by now. But before trusting the statistics alone, read on how distance learning reflects overall.

Advantages of Distance Learning

 1. The Flexibility

The most beneficial aspect of distance learning is the flexibility it allows you. You can continue working and still pursue your higher studies. One can also pick the schedules for studying as per the requirements and the demands of one’s lifestyle too.

If you are working at the same time of studying, you will not need to go from one place to another, everything you need is a laptop with internet. That is all. Flexible hours and an opportunity to choose when to study-sounds great!

2. Save Money

Distance learning is also less expensive compared to studying abroad. Not only in the tuition fees but also the other expenses like accommodation and the living costs in another place. For those who are looking for more economically viable options, distance learning takes the upper hand.

You even can skip paying additional expenses like accommodation cost or else. You still live at home, doing what you like to do, and get new knowledge. Annually, you can save up to $20 000 on distance learning, the number speaks for itself.

3. At Your Pace

Documents and papers when studying abroad

Going back to a learning environment might be a bit daunting for many. Distant learning allows you to continue learning at your speed and however, you like it. With access to all the coursework, one can decide how to plan the studies, how much to cover, and even where to do the learning at.

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Infographic with benefits of distance learning

Aside from these, distance learning sure has its downsides too.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

1. Chances of Distraction

Enrolling in a school for learning means you are dedicating yourself for studies. Even with the other distractions, the academics will still get the preference. For distance education, on the other hand, it might be challenging to focus on studies while you are trying to balance different parts of life as well.

In order to omit such a situation, you should be extremely self-organized and motivated enough. You should understand for what future aims you are doing it and follow your true goals. Nobody can do it better than you. 

2. Compromise in Quality and Credibility

While there are some excellent programs offered in distance learning, it might not always be possible to find one that you seek, and that comes with all the recommended credibility. With the rise in the number of online courses provided, there have also been many scam operators entering the field.

Before you are entering a distant university or college, please, check if everything corresponds your future expectations. If not, leave the idea of a distant studying process until you find something really suitable for you. It is not easy, however, hold your horses and search for the best program ever. 

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3. Lack of Networking

traveler enjoying the moment while traveling sitting on the mountain

An integral part of college life is a social interaction. By choosing distance learning, you will be missing out on that experience and might take away the chances of receiving a holistic education as hoped. However, you can be involved in the particular subjects being interesting especially for you. Never mind, if something seems to be weird, you are studying this is the most significant thing ever. 

 To Sum Up

As you have here, whether you choose to study abroad or from home, there are upsides and downsides to distance learning and studying abroad. We hope that our points would help you to make the right decision for you based on your circumstances and requirements.

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  • I have been consulting many on this subject as I love to send my son abroad for higher studies. I feel abroad programs are more focused for better job opportunities. They have better internship that gives a lot of confidence to the student. Love the details in this article. Will touch base with it.

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