Ultimate Camping Trip Guide for Couples 2020

Camping trip for couples guide on things to bring

Planning a camping trip away with your partner?

Then browse our Top 5 tips from our Ultimate Camping Trip Guide for Couples 2020.

These tips can serve as useful inspiration on how to take your trip to the next level.

Whether it’s adding a touch of romance, indulging in more comfort, savoring delicious camp meals, or finding outdoor activities to share the fun: we have got you, and your couples camping needs, covered. We’ve listed our top tips and tricks, helping you plan a fantastic camping adventure with your partner.

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Get reading, get inspired, and get ready to connect with your partner in the great outdoors:

Location is Key!

nature in Banff, Canada attractions
Banff, Canada, Photo from the article ‘Affordable Trips from NYC

Location, location, location: When it comes to an ultra-romantic couples trip, picking the right camping spot is key to your enjoyment. The perfect spot can instantly transform any camping trip, and take your romance to the next level.

Try to scope out scenic campsites in picturesque surroundings, or choose a location that has a West-facing view to enjoy spectacular sunsets. We recommend spending quite a bit of time researching different campsites and locations in the area you plan on camping, because you may find a hidden gem.

Also, don’t forget to check what other campers are saying about a location and trawl those customer reviews. We once made the mistake of booking a campsite that looked super idyllic in photos, including a jacuzzi overlooking a lush valley.

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However, that idyllic view was blocked by a large crane and construction trucks, as they were working on improving local sewer connections.

Had we reviewed the customer reviews, we would have known, since complaints about the construction work dated back months before we even booked.

Lesson learned. Even if a location sounds perfect, double-check, and triple-check before booking. Trust us: there’s nothing that ruins the romance on a camping trip than the smells and sounds of a sewer renovation. 

Treat Your Taste Buds

Breakfast for a camping trip with your couple on nature, travel guide

Treat your partner, and yourself, to delicious camp meals instead of just beans on toast.

By making a few small changes to your camp kitchen setup, you can instantly upgrade meal quality – and indulge your taste buds.

Firstly, make sure to pack a high-quality camp stove, whether that’s a single burner or a multi-burner: as long as you have a strong flame, you’re good to go. Second, buy a special camping cookbook or write down recipes you find online.

There are dozens of cookbooks written specifically for camp chefs. This means that the recipes have been trailed and tested in the great outdoors, without fancy tools or modern appliances.

This allows you to recreate meals without the frustration of having to make do with a basic setup, inspiring about everything that you can achieve as a camp chef.

Another great way to enhance your camp meals’, is by packing a variety of spices. Instead of just the regular pepper and salt shakers, upgrade your camp kitchen with some nutmeg, chili flakes, some thyme: whatever you fancy.

A plain omelet can suddenly taste a whole lot more exotic by adding some simple spices to your mix. Easy, yet satisfying!

Upgrade your camp meal quality, and we’re confident you’ll instantly get more enjoyment out of your couples’ dinnertime.

Cuddling in Comfort

Camping, Gudvangen Norway
Photo from my road trip in Norway

An easy, and instant way, to upgrade your couples’ camping comfort is by investing in a 2-person air mattress.

Swap those single sleeping pads or beds for a queen size camping mattress, and cuddle in comfy style!

No more gaping space in the middle because your single mattress moved apart during the night.

A queen-size air bed not only makes it easier and more comfortable to cuddle but can also help eliminate cold spots. Plus, these days, 2-person air beds are more lightweight and packable than ever before.

Some options feature a self-inflating, pump-less silhouette, which takes up the same space as a traditional single sleeping pad.

Snuggle as you would at home, and swap those singles for a double air mattress: trust us, you won’t regret it!

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Bring an Instant Setup Tent

Tent camp in africa

Don’t start your camping trip bickering about how to pitch your tent. Be smart and buy an instant set up one, and saves yourselves the hassle!

We admit: we’ve been that arguing couple before. Shouting at each other about the wrong placement of a tent pole, having a heated debate about which part goes where.

Don’t be that couple, be smarter, and pack a tent that requires minimal setup. These days, the market is filled with pop-up and instant-setup tents that can be fully erected in mere minutes.

These silhouettes come with the frame pre-attached, meaning that you could probably even erect them with your eyes closed.

By bringing an instant tent, you not only save yourself from awkward discussion and frustration but also can pitch camp a lot quicker.

Less time and energy wasted, more time to enjoy the great outdoors with your loved one: packing a pop-up tent is simply a no-brainer.

Stargazing Romance

Camping trip stargazing with your couple

A fantastic activity for any couples’ camping adventure? Stargazing!

It’s free, it’s fun, and all you need is some (partly) clear skies. Gazing at the twinkling lights, surrounded by nature and darkness: we think this activity fully hits the romance mark.

If you don’t fancy leaving your tent, why not upgrade to a dome tent with a removable rainfly and mesh roof?

This type of tent lets you gaze at the night’s sky, without leaving your bed: turning your camping into glamping. Another tip to take your stargazing to the next level is downloading a stargazing app on your mobile phone.

There are dozens of apps to choose from, some free and some paid. The concept is simple: you point your phone at the sky, and the app will determine your location and highlight details of all stars and planets within view.

This allows you to discover the night’s sky in a whole new, innovative way: and is a fun way of learning more about the stars and planet.

Not a fan of technology on a camping adventure? Then just leave your phone at home and indulge in some classic gazing (Netflix and chill 🙂 – don’t forget a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for that!). You can’t go wrong either way. 

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